Jane O’Rear is a Meisner trained actor in the LA area. Her training heavily emphasizes improv but also how to take direction and make quick adjustments when asked to do so. She has experience in stand-up comedy, live theatre including but not limited to Shakespearian plays, and short films. Jane’s main character type is “girl next door” as well as leading and supporting roles in the sci/fi fantasy genre. Her range, however, can extend to “super-hero/action” type roles, characters with mental illness, the love interest, and young women experiencing a “glow-up”. Her youthful appearance allows her an extensive age range starting at 16 and up to 30, and she can also portray an elderly character given the proper hair/prosthetics/make-up. Jane feels that there is no place more magical than a film set and is eager to take on roles that will allow her to stretch. She is described as “very natural” and has a unique ability to “easily deliver other people’s words in a believable fashion”.